About CPI Strategic

The principals of CPI Strategic have acquired decades of experience in strategic
planning and the execution of government, organisational and corporate strategies.

Their skills have been honed in the political arena at three levels of government,
on national campaigns and elections, and through the testing and use of public
opinion to develop and change policy.

In a constantly changing corporate world there are some constants. 

Knowledge, expertise and contacts still count for everything.

CPI Strategic offers highly specialised and exclusive services
which include:

An insider’s knowledge of how government really works;
Guidance in negotiating with government to secure effective solutions and results;
Policy development which helps you to engage in public policy debates;
State-of-the-art market research methods including CPI Strategic’s unique psychological
predictive opinion testing;
Research on the attitudes, perceptions and needs of your customers and partners;
Highly effective internal and external communications strategies; and
Managing cultural change within your organisation. 

If you are interested in finding out more about CPI Strategic please contact us:

Stephen Newnham
Mobile: 0419377258
Email: stephen@cpistrategic.com.au

Rick Brown
Mobile: 0428227916
Email: rick@cpistrategic.com.au