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Much of the analysis of Ted Baillieu’s decision to resign as Premier last week can be summed up with one word: nonsense.




The clouds over Julia Gillard’s values and political judgement
have been getting darker since the 2010 Federal election campaign.


People NOT like us
We all know that someone’s background, education and personal circumstance has a profound impact on the decisions they make throughout their life. Consciously or unconsciously each of us draws upon our past experiences to form judgements about the best way ahead for ourselves or for those around us. Our frame of reference is reinforced by the people we chose to associate with as they more often than not have similar backgrounds or levels of education and outlook.


Prospects for 2010 State Election

In February 2010, CPI Strategic was commissioned by the Herald-Sun to analyse publicly available Victorian State Election Data.

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Climate Change Report
In October 2009, CPI Strategic was commissioned by the ABC Four Corners program to produce an
analysis of the publicly available market research on the climate change issue.

This study is not an exhaustive study of all of the questions raised by the climate change debate.

Rather it focuses on three issues —

» the level of public concern about the issue,
» which of the major political parties is perceived to be best able to address this issue, and
» the level of public support or opposition to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS).

While climate change has occupied and often dominated the headlines over the last couple years, the
publicly available research on community attitudes towards issues associated with it is not extensive.
Consequently, this study focuses on the data available from four sources — Newspoll, Climate Institute
(Australian Research Group [ARG]/Auspoll), Lowy Institute and Essential Media Communications (EMC).


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4 Corners Extended Interview


The ‘China advantage’
This report aims to spark further public debate on this important national interest issue. Astonishingly,
there is currently very little public debate. It is a social justice matter that all Australians should be
concerned about. This report highlights the dangers posed by a FTA with China – which would not only
be a threat to jobs, but also impact the employability of our children.

Australia’s track record of other signed free trade agreements (FTAs) is telling. Australia has FTAs with
Singapore, Thailand and USA. Our imports from these countries has increased faster than our exports to
them. Research released in 2007 indicated that 26,000 jobs have been lost since these agreements
were signed.

The same report indicated that an FTA with China could create 12,000 jobs but cost 170,000 manufacturing jobs.

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In March 2010, CPI Strategic was commissioned by the Herald-Sun to analyze
the South Australian and Tasmanian 2010 state election data.
PDF can be downloaded here
PDF can be downloaded here